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Shanghani Yamada Machinery 

Founded in 1999, it has 20 years of experience in machining.

Products include metal fixture, measuring tool, metal accessories for production line,

Sensor housing, various metal and non-metal processing, can be matched surface treatment. 

Skilled processing technology, stable quality, fine management, high cost performance. 

The company has a complete system, integrating scientific research and development, manufacturing, marketing,

Technical services in one of a series of complete circular economic industry chain of high-tech companies.

Single piece processing, mass production parts processing, all we can do.

Over the years, the company has been adhering to excellent innovation and research capabilities, flexible production capabilities, quality control capabilities,

Fast delivery ability to win the world's first - class manufacturers trust and cooperation.

Shanghai Yamada machinery is committed to the mechanical processing industry, for the industry of things, 5G communication field power.

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